September 16, 2014 Doug Wiley

Georgia Bicycle Adventures Partners With The GDEcD

Hooray!  We’re officially spinning the bicycle tourism wheels for Georgia! The Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) released the Georgia Tourism FY15 Marketing & Strategic Plan last week which touted Georgia’s new Bicycle Tourism Initiative in partnership with Georgia Bicycle Adventures!

Here’s the description from the report, high-lighting the Georgia Bicycle Tourism initiative:

This initiative focuses on providing every community an opportunity to grow bicycle tourism for immediate and sustained economic development and competitiveness in their region. The Tourism Division and Georgia Bicycle Adventures have partnered together to assist each community in creating sustainable cycling attractions and services that will help grow their unique bicycle travel opportunities, thus allowing communities to compete on the world stage for bicycle tourism dollars. The cycling events developed and promoted for this project will build into annual community-supported products, establishing these towns as future bicycle destinations.

We couldn’t be prouder and more excited to be included in Georgia Tourism’s FY15 Marketing and Strategic Plan!

Look out world, here comes Georgia rolling down the road to become a Top Bicycle Tourism Destination!  Stay tuned here for more developments!

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