September 2, 2014 Doug Wiley

Connect The Comet

I was very pleased to attend and speak to Cave Spring’s ‘Connect The Comet’ meeting on Friday, August 29 at the invitation of Cave Spring’s Downtown Development Authority Director, Sandra Lindsey.

There is a groundswell of enthusiasm to connect bike/ped routes to the Silver Comet Trail through NW Georgia to Chattanooga.

The Cave Spring Public Library was packed with officials and interested parties from the cities of Cave Spring, Cedartown, Rockmart and Rome, plus Floyd and Polk Counties. The assembled individuals testified to the success of The Silver Comet Trail in bringing economic impact, pledged support for the project, laid out proposed plans for a road route connector, and were “refreshed” to listen to a crowd gathered together for a positive reason.

There was a great vibe and plenty of energy in the room, during a drive of a proposed 10 mile connector route over existing roads with GDOT representatives, and at a lively lunch afterward. All were very receptive to Georgia Bicycle Adventure’s message:

There is No Reason that Georgia can’t begin to share in the rapidly growing bicycle tourism global phenomenon. There is Every Reason that Cave Spring can begin to draw those tourists and their dollars now by Identifying, Packaging, and Promoting what Cave Spring already has that bicycle tourists are looking for.

Cave Spring’s physical beauty, natural resources and facilities, historical sites, cultural events and attractions, combined with a very welcoming attitude result in a great place to pedal and kick back for a leisurely and fun weekend. Cave Spring is in the enviable position of being able to leverage off the nearby Silver Comet Trail and are actively doing something about it.


Lunch and discussion after the meeting included these fine folks:

Doug Wiley, Georgia Bicycle Adventures Vice President
Tom Lindsey, Cave Spring Downtown Development Authority
Roger Williams, (back) Georgia State Transportation Board 14th District GDOT
Sandra Lindsey, Cave Spring Downtown Development Authority Director
Rob Ware, (back) Cave Spring Mayor
Katie Dempsey, Georgia State House Of Representatives District 13
Mike Ragland, Cave Spring City Council
Dewayne Comer, GDOT Cartersville District Chief Engineer


The really good news is that bicycle tourism is already happening for Cave Spring as our friends at Southeastern Cycling have scheduled commercial bicycle tours on the Silver Comet that include an “out and back” for an overnight in Cave Spring. First one is October 4th and 5th and is already Sold Out! Southeastern Cycling has more Silver Comet Bicycle Tours including the Cave Spring Option scheduled for 2015. Private groups from Atlanta and Nashville are also planning overnight bicycle tours to Cave Spring this fall. Cave Spring Bicycle Touring Is Rolling!

We will keep a close eye on the exciting and encouraging ‘Connect The Comet’ initiative and report regularly on its progress. Stay tuned for more updates to keep you connected!

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    • Hi Sandra! It was my pleasure! Hope see you at Georgia Bike Summit in Columbus this weekend and catch up on the latest developments!

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