We identify existing assets, design new routes, package and promote cycling opportunities to the growing market of worldwide travelers and recreational riders seeking to explore the heritage and beauty of our region.

As more and more communities across Georgia participate in this program, our state can ultimately offer opportunities for cycling tourists to pedal along “a string of pearls” rolling in and out of one beautiful town to another, spending money at local attractions, shops, restaurants, hotels, Inns and B&B’s. Check out this video for more.

Some Examples of Georgia Bicycle Adventures’ Tourism Product Options

Exploring Georgia’s Heritage Trails by Bike
Invite bicycle tourists, travelers and recreational riders to explore the beautiful countryside away from the direct route leading from town to town. Follow the lead of the Antebellum Trail Association and see how 100 miles translates into 170 low traffic scenic byways!

Antebellum Trail

Bicycle Loops and Getaway Weekends
The bicycle getaway weekend is a fast growing segment of bicycle recreation. Get on the map with Bicycle Loops packaged with your hospitality partners to create economic opportunities! See how the town of Fitzgerald has created bicycle routes and opportunities for cyclists from Georgia and around the world.

Fitzgerald Bicycle Getaway Weekend – coming soon

Call us today and start planning to be a part of the Bicycle Tourism Economic Boom!

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Roll Through the Rich History, Beautiful Landscapes and Southern Charm of Georgia!