Product Development & Marketing - We identify the most attractive cycling opportunities in your community, design new routes and package these assets in partnership with your local hospitality organizations. To establish your community as a bicycle destination, we then market your products to bicycle touring and travel consumers worldwide.

Workshops - Our Bicycle Tourism Planning Workshops are a valuable opportunity to develop a tangible plan of action that will establish your town as a bicycle destination. We’ll explore and help your stakeholders build upon existing resources, identify needs and make recommendations to drive bicycle tourism to your community. Call us for more information.

Community Touring Partnerships - Become a part of Georgia Bicycle Adventures’ preferred multi-day trip packages. Does your community have what it takes to attract bicycle tourism dollars? Learn what cyclists are looking for, how your town can get involved and why communities throughout the world are gearing up for the Economic Impact of Bicycle Tourism and Travel. Call us today to find out more! 

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