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Georgia’s Bike Friendly Communities Are Ready For Your Next Adventure

Georgia has many beautiful and inspiring places to visit on bicycle, and some of our “forward thinking” towns are especially good at welcoming the two-wheeled visitors. These communities understand that visiting cyclists bring economic benefits to their towns and will put their best foot forward to show you their homegrown version of Great Southern Hospitality!

Cycling travelers and tourists can explore beautiful country roads and discover towns that have earned the designation of Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists. Come back often to see the growing list of Bicycle Destinations in Georgia!

Antebellum Trail

 Old Times Here Are Not Forgotten

Explore 184 miles of scenic countryside and discover 7 beautiful Antebellum towns that survived the American Civil War.

Antebellum Trail details

Fitzgerald Getaway Weekend

 Southern Comfort Rolls Here

Fitzgerald’s Southern Charm and Wild Chickens combine for a unique small town and countryside pedal weekend experience.

More About Friendly Fitzgerald

Atlanta Bicycle Tours

 The Best Way to Explore the Citycityscape-group

Discover why this tour is ranked the #1 outdoor activity on TripAdvisor. Even locals learn something new.

Check out the best tour in the city

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Roll Through the Rich History, Beautiful Landscapes and Southern Charm of Georgia!